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Little Taonga

Round Kia Ora Kea Studs

Round Kia Ora Kea Studs

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The Kea is a highly intelligent parrot native to the mountainous regions of the South Island of New Zealand. Known for its playful and inquisitive nature, the Kea is often considered one of the most intelligent bird species in the world!

Pendant size: 10mmx10mm

They come packaged in an adorable little eco-friendly glass bottle with cork lid.

Each piece is made from fine brass dipped in 18kt gold, rose gold or sterling silver, covered with a clear tarnish resistance to protect them from the elements.

Little Taonga means treasure or prized possession in Maori culture. Each design captures a little something to be treasured - the places, nature, and icons that make Aotearoa New Zealand so special.
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