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Little Taonga

Huia Crossed Feather Necklace

Huia Crossed Feather Necklace

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This gorgeous Huia Feather Necklace is delicate and absolutely stunning. 

Available as:
Silver plated with gold tips
Rose gold plated with silver tips
Gold plated with silver tips (Pre-order)

Pendant dimensions – 14x20mm
Chain length – 46cm

The Native Huia bird was the most sacred of NZ birds to Maori, and regarded as Tapu - Sacred. The white-tipped tail feathers were worn as head adornments to signify chiefs and people of great mana. Huia birds also mated for life, and were most always found in pairs – symbolised by the two intertwining feathers. 

Presented in a gorgeous little eco friendly glass bottle with cork lid.

Each piece is made with fine brass and coated in 18kt gold, rose gold or sterling silver and then covered with a clear tarnish resistance to protect them from the elements.

Huia design also available in rings and earrings. 

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